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Coffee Roasters

The Coffee Island organization is made up of people. From our employees to our associates, barista and distributors, we believe in the same vision and values.

Our love, dedication, and passion for what we do, unites us. From our partners, we develop mutually beneficial relationships in the best coffee shops in the world (Direct Trade) to the selection of arabica coffee specialty, from roasting based on the ideal curve to the creation of blends, from the meticulous preparation of tailor made beverages to the (re) training our staff and designing and constantly checking our coffee shops, to their constant support, with the aim of offering the consumer a unique experience every day! We can offer and we want to!

We constantly endeavor to enrich our knowledge to keep up with internationally recognized certification standards. Thus, we managed to be a member of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), to own ISO 22000: 2005, and 3 of our company members to have the SCA Coffee Diploma Award.

All of the activities above, aim at the stable and sustainable maintenance and development of the network, which is based on three pillars, which are also our basic principles:

– Respect for the consumer, providing high quality products and services. Coffee Island. Unique coffee for unique people.

– Respect for the entrepreneur, who trusts our network to realize his business plans and dreams.

– A harmonious combination of traditional coffee-making, which has always been an important part of the Greek neighborhood, with the modern espresso bar.